Yotaro Baby Robot Simulator

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yotaro robot baby simulator

The low birth rate in Japan encouraged a group of students create a robot baby. ‘Baby’ can respond to touch, crying, laughing even sneeze.

Baby robot called “Yotaro” was developed by students at the University of Tsukuba. Yotaro have “skin” that can respond to a touch. Facial expressions and movements can vary depending on the received touch.

Just like a real baby, Yotara will smile, when he stroked her belly rubbed, and wake up when the “seduced” with a shaken toy.

As quoted from Tmcnet, Thursday (25/3/2010), which is not less unique, Yotaro will cry when ‘hungry’ could even sneezing and a runny nose. This is caused by a system of “heated water pump”.

Yotaro Development aims to encourage young people in the Land of the Rising Sun to get married and increase the birth rate. Because the population in the State Sakura continued to decline.

Among developed countries, including Japan which has the smallest birth rate, ie 1.37 percent, while the United States and United Kingdom 2.12 percent 1.84 percent.

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