Four words that make BEAM robots alive.

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BEAM roboticsBiology – the world around us, after 4 billion years of evolution is an excellent source of inspiration, especially when at our disposal modern materials, engines and electronics. BEAM-robots can borrow finds mother nature in order to best adapt to the real world.

Electronics – used to control the BEAM-robot. One feature of BEAM-style is a minimalist approach in the use of electronics, which allows you to create automatic graceful creations that mimic living creatures using only some parts of a solution. On again fairly simple schemes can achieve complex behavior and reactions to the world. Often neural chain can give much more adapted behavior than ten lines of code.

Aesthetics – means that the BEAM-robots should look good. “I’m an engineer, but even I appreciate the beautiful design” – says Tilden. The design must be “beautiful”, not only in terms of design, but also on their design decisions. In addition, if the design looks “clean”, it is more likely that it will work well and it seemed easier to test and debug than a confused and rebellious design. “Do it nicely and it will work better.”

Mechanics – is often the secret of good design BEAM-robot. Using the “clever” design, you can reduce the complexity of the rest of the robot (for example, reduce the number of actuators or sensors). Even the most simple design can be varied in behavior, if we apply the interesting mechanical solution.

Despite the fact that the acronym BEAM (Biology Electronics Aesthetics Mechanics) is well established and proposed by Tildenom in the BEAM-community there are a number of popular acronym with the word BEAM, such as these:

Building Evolution Anarchy Modularity
(Creating a Modular Evolution of Anarchy)

Biotechnology Ethnology Analogy Morphology
(Biotechnology Ethnology Analogy Morphology)

There is also every reason to believe and what is triple the acronym BEAM, that is just mean

Biology Electronics Aesthetics Mechanics
Building Evolution Anarchy Modularity
Biotechnology Ethnology Analogy Morphology

BEAM-robots, in contrast to conventional robots, based on digital technology and microprocessors are created by analog circuits. Instead of a discrete program of behavior of robots is given by the analog neural circuits capable of flexibly choose the way around obstacles and respond to the world.

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