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Vex Robotics Design System

Vex Robotics Design System is a robotic kit intended to introduce students as well as adults to the world of robotics. The Vex Robotics Design System is centered around the Vex Starter Kit (which retails for about USD $500). This kit comes with the Vex “brain” (a microcontroller), a hobby-grade remote control, various sensors (2 bumper sensor and 2 limiter switches), three electric motors and a servo, wheels (4 small, 2 medium all purpose, and 2 large high traction tires), gears, and structural parts. Additional sensors (ultrasonic, line tracking, optical shaft encoder, bumper switches, limit switches, and light sensors), wheels ( small and large omni-directional wheels, small, medium, and large regulars), tank treads, motors, servos, gears (regular and advanced), chain and sprocket sets, extra transmitter and receivers, programming kit (easy C) extra metal and rechargeable battery power packs,can all be purchased separately.

This tutorial will show you how to maximize your Vex Robotics Design System. Here are some previews of Vex Robotics Tutorial which will guide you how to get the maximum performance.

Vex Robotics Tutorial

Vex Robotics Tutorial

You can download the tutorial here;
Vex Robotics Tutorial download

For the Vex Robotics Kits, you can buy it from

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