Toyota Make Personal Assistant Robot

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Recently, Toyota Motor Corp. “attacked” by “storm recall cars” in America, which would make trouble. Not wanting to go on in the problem, Toyota makes a useful pair of robots as human personal assistant.

As reported by Autoevolution, Thursday (28/1/2010), the Japanese car manufacturer announced, if they have created a couple of robots are not just one, but four types of robots!

First is the walking robot, a robot that can walk and is ready to help the parents. The streets were his duty. With two feet and be able to use his hands to perform various tasks. Remarkably, she also can play the trumpet.

Second, the rolling robot. Which can be employed in the factory assembly centers, may eventually be able to help make Toyota cars free recall. He worked very quickly, without requiring much space. He also plays the trumpet.

Third, the transport robot, which can carry passengers anywhere they want to go. But unfortunately, this robot does not have hands and mouth, so it can not play the trumpet.

Last robot is a combination of the three previous robots. He was shorter than the first, has legs, but did not wear a dress like the second, and not like human beings such as the third. This robot was built for a Toyota research.

Interesting, is not it? If later we’ll see and hang out with robots that can walk and drove himself, with trumpet in hand. Is this the future state?

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