There's a Robot in Our House!

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by:James Monahan

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“AI.” “Bicentennial Man.” “The Jetsons.” “Richie Rich.” “I, Robot.” These films and TV programs may have elicited various emotions and opinions from the viewers.

Indeed, these movies and shows have unveiled the different sides of robots. However, they still point out a certain fact — that robots, or robotic devices, are smart, fast, and hardworking. They perform according to their assigned purpose or duty. And they can be the most reliable members of your household. Yes, your very own household!

From vacuum cleaners and surveillance systems to pets and leisure gadgets, robotic devices are definitely “invading” our homes.

In fact, a study released last year by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe revealed that more than 600,000 consumer robots or household robotic devices were used all over the world in 2003. The Commission also predicted that an additional four million units would be used in the next three years.

More and more consumers are joining the “robotics bandwagon” — purchasing devices basically to make their lives easier and less complicated. These people have discovered that their lifestyles should be attuned with the modern, fast-paced times.

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Are you one of them? Why should YOU use robotic devices in your home? Here’s a list of some of the numerous benefits that such technological gadgets can give you:

1) They make work — and life — easier for you.
Household robotic gadgets willingly, and literally, do the dirty work for you. Consider the robot vacuum cleaner which can do the following:

It cleans effectively and efficiently. Since it cleans more dirt in a single sweep as compared to standard upright vacuums, the robot vacuum cleaner actually saves 50% of your time.

It cleans a whole area. Because of its compact shape, the robot vacuum cleaner can completely clean the area under your bed or other furniture.

It detects areas that need the most cleaning. With its specially designed robotic intelligence system, the robot vacuum cleaner can sense the dirtier areas.

It avoids stairs and cliffs. Again, its robotic intelligence system enables it to sense “dangerous areas” and prevents it from falling off.

It recharges automatically. After a cleaning mission or upon sensing that its battery is low, the smart cleaner automatically returns to its “home base” and recharges, making itself ready for its next duty.

Truly a popular robot helper, the robot vacuum cleaner has been making life easier — and cleaner! — for at least 570,000 households around the globe.

2) They provide work safety.
Specially designed robots are specifically created to do dangerous chores such as cleaning windows of high-rise buildings or disposing of toxic materials.

3) They can provide unique and educational entertainment.
In 2003 alone, the sales of entertainment and leisure robotic gadgets went up to 691,000. Such devices can provide the following benefits:

Computer-based toys and games (such as an “educational laptop”) can give children a modern way of learning and having fun at the same time.

People can test their various skills by playing interactive computer games and competing with “robot opponents” that use artificial intelligence. Such games can really be challenging. In fact, “Deep Blue” (IBM’s “chess computer”) was able to beat chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov in 1996 and 1997.

Robotic devices offer a wide array of entertainment and leisure activities in the fields of music, video, graphics, animation, et al.

4) They give accurate results.
Since robotic devices perform the very specific duty that they were designed to do, they produce amazing results. They can compute large numbers, draw perfect shapes and figures, detect identifying marks — all in mere seconds.

5) They can help save lives.
There is no question about how high-tech gadgets help in the field of medicine. But robotic devices are giving this fact a few more notches up.
Here are some evidences:

A California-based company has invented a unique patch, which when applied to the skin, can monitor and record a person’s blood pressure, heartbeat rate, and other such vital signs. The said gadget is also able to automatically send such useful information to the doctor’s computer.

An Automatic Resuscitator can give treatment to a heart attack patient and save his life. The gadget can perform faster and leaves the medical professionals with more time, thereby increasing the survival chances of the patient.

Therapeutic robots have been helping sick patients recuperate faster.
Indeed, people may have different views about technology and modern gadgets.
In the end, however, the choice is really ours. Should we look at and treat technology as crutch that hinders our journey towards the future? Or should we see it as a tool that will help us take great leaps and get nearer to our destination?

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