The Working Plan in Making Robot

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Robotics is the aspects that always have a good chance in developing process. It gives a particular chance from some people who like to develop things related to technical system. Since, it can be used to work or to help human’s duty, it is more interesting. There are a control system in making a robot such as on-off, PID, and the implementation of staff computing.

The control system of robot depends on kinds of robot that we want to make. This system is used to regulate navigation of robot. These all system support each other the on-off system is used to control the move or right and left brain, it also helped by PID system to make it smoother. If the data receipt the data more complex, the staff computing can be used to control it.  The plan in making robot including dimension, the prediction of weight and height of the robot, each robot has different shape. Material structure is the ingredients of the material such as from aluminum, wood, or others. the way of robot working, it includes the robot systems, its part of body, and its function. Sensors, it is the tools that will be used by robot.

The mechanic is mechanic system to control the robot’s working. Control method, it is included the microprocessor and diagram system that are the way to control the robot. The last plan is making strategy, this is an optional, it depends on the robot’s duty.

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