The Robotic Days

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robotics day

People now live in the world which is fulfilled by the technology. The development and the increasing of technology nowadays has support the human’s activities. But not all of the technologies are really helpful. Some of it can be damage human life also. It is all depending on human’s perspective of the technology’s development. Some of people thinks that it is really helpful but some people may thinks that this is dangerous because can give the bad impact.

The improvement of technology must be given to the kids or students earlier. It is kind of prevention in order to prepare them to the future. Some schools, especially Senior High School has created the activity to learn and creative with technology. One of it is the robotics days. It means the day for create and increasing knowledge about robot. They will be introduced and guided to practical. Many students are interested with it, especially for boys. Furthermore they can create their own robot.

All of the technology creations basically come from the experiments. Students are used to learn more and more. The result is they have become more creative and innovative. By their basic knowledge and the training in that day, they can make something. It is very useful.

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