The Process of Making Robot

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Robotics is an interesting creature that is produced from good technology. However, in making this creature is not simple. There are some parts that are used in making this product. The parts are mechanic, electronic, and programming making. So, the making of robot combines the machine technique, industry technique, electro technique, and informatics technique.

The worker must be consisted of the experts that master those kinds of techniques. The robot draft can be made by aluminum, plastics, and others related material. We have to connect the pointed of the material by aluminum kneel to place the aluminum tightly. Then we have to make sensors to move the robot. We can make the interval sensor by using SRF04. Direct sensor can be made from compass or dinsmore. LM35 can be used to have temperature sensor. Hot sensor can be regulated by UVTron or thermopile. Line Follower Sensor can be made by line follower sensor. Electronic system can be made with PCB design, for example with DXP Altium, making PCB printer with proboard then, rafting the electronic combination.

Then, we have to make the program by algorithm design; it can be used by flow chart to control complex function. Next, we have to make writing program in C language, assembly, basic, language mastering, and then transferring the program to the robot by compiling and downloading.

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  1. hello it is goodmaterial. .iam design a one small robot my application is the grass cutting machine. just cutting.

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