The Most current In Pastime Robotics 17

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In this weeks episode of The Latest in Pastime Robotics, Frits Lyneborg is giving you two tips to enjoyable a nerd can have with RC cars. The 1st and straightforward one is “Create a thing new from the components”. The 2nd, and much more complex 1 is to upgrade your RC automobile with “computer assisted sliding management”. There is also a sneak preview of 1 of the Multicopters that Frits is testing for later episodes the QuadPod from Make your initial robot on twitter:
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25 thoughts on “The Most current In Pastime Robotics 17

  1. Nice, I should turn my real car into drive by wire and put a microcontroller and gyro in it too 🙂 then I’ll drift like hell without the necessity of me doing the corrections and always going the right way sideways 😀

  2. Great ideas! I like the snow ski robot with propellers. You have got to check out my channel and see what you can build with MINDS-i!

  3. @fritslyneborg Nice , jeg har altid godt villet bygge noget spændende ud af f.eks en fjernstyret bil. Måske tunet den eller lign. Men hvergang er det bare resulteret i en ødelagt RC bil..

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