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The era of high technology today has brought to the surface many inventions which give great benefits for most human living. Certainly, the development in the world of technology shows a tremendous improvement especially related to the precision automation of the product of technology. The development continues with more valuable inventions like robotics with useful functions to help growing industries or companies for more automated jobs. Nowadays, the development in robotics and precision automation give advantages in more fields.

At the present time, many technology experts focus the automation system in larger coverage like medical device, MEMS solar, industrial, consumer products, semiconductor, OEM manufactures, and many other more. These sophisticated technology products have important part in industry or business by offering helpful functions. Moreover, the tremendous development of technology for industry or company has important purpose which is to help smoothing the company’s output so that the industry and the business will keep growing and enlarging.

Furthermore, significant improvement in robotics continues to expand because many industries or businesses involve the robotics technology today, perhaps the faster work performance and carefulness are two of many important points why robot become so significant in the business system. The technology experts have built automation robotics like 3-axis, 4-axis, and 6-axis robots. The detailed specifications are built in the accordance to the fields or kind of industries the robots are going to utilize. Most of those robots are used for assembly, inspection, material handling, and more robotic automation applications in many industries.

Besides the advanced robotics, another significant point in technology development is the automated assembly. In some focuses, the product assembly automation has the capability in cost savings for example for mid-volume or high-volume production. Speaking of business and industries, this automated assembly machines take part in industrial, consumer goods, medical devices, Micro Electromechanical Systems, and more.

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