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Scientists in Japan, successfully create a robot butterfly could move well. Its form was like a real butterfly, complete with beautiful wings and can fly.

This work, published in IOP Publishing’s scientific journal Bioinspiration and Biomimetics and documented in a video uploaded to YouTube.

According to the researchers, among the many species of butterflies, Swallowtail is a type which is unique. Species of butterfly has a wider wing rather than his body. That is why, Swallowtail butterflies have a low level flying speed because of the ability to control its aerodynamic function is very limited.

Body movement is also passive, unlike other butterflies that have an active reaction to the movement of its aerodynamics. Thus the information quoted from Science Daily, Monday (05/24/2010).

To prove that the Swallowtail butterfly can fly straight with just a simple movement, hence made a replica of the butterfly that looks very similar to the original. Inside the tiny robot butterfly is immersed motion analysis software to facilitate the researcher overseeing the performance of flight.

Experiments using a replica of the butterfly showed that the activity of flying can be done with a simple movement without feedback control. The workings of this robot butterfly can then be applied to the newest generation of aerodynamic systems.

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