South Korean government to use robots as a teacher

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korean robot teacher

The lack of English language teachers who qualified in South Korea, urged the South Korea government to develop a robot that can teach English.

The presence of an English teacher robot is no surprise because South Korea has been used to create advanced robots.

Some playgroup and kindergarten students have been ‘acquainted’ with a robot that is an English teacher. English language learning atmosphere becomes fun with a robot that looks funny, like a cartoon character.

Quoted from io9, Thursday (25/2/2010), after a probation period of several months, South Korean government will fund poured about U.S. $ 45 million to bring 500 robot teachers in the playgroup in 2011, and 8000 robots playgroup and kindergarten in 2013.

Like most of English teachers, besides teaching the words in the English language, this robot can also read a story in the English language for students.

But it’s could not clear whether the presence of robotic English teachers will be able to replace the actual position of the teacher.

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