South Korea to Build Robots Island

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south korea robot Land

The South Korean government is planning to build “Robot Land”, a research center and recreation, all with robots. That said, this is the first robot park in the world.

Quoted from Cnet, Friday (19/2/2010), this robot island, will be opened in the area of Incheon, one of the largest cities in South Korea. Manufacturing cost is said to reach U.S. $ 560 million.

According to the website “Robot Land”, this robot park will display all forms of entertainment robots nuanced. Eg exhibition famous robots or reconstruction of such a robot movie ‘Minority Report’ or ‘I, Robot’.

Cashier waitress had planned to be a robot. There is also a research center of the robot and robot competition arena. The visitors seemed to be feeling like being on the planet of robots, when entering this “Robot Land”.

Construction of “Robot Land” will begin this year and is expected to be completed in 2013. There will target 2.8 million visitors per year and create 18 thousand jobs because of the “Robot Land”.

“Robot Land” may be one of the event showing off South Korean robot technology. Besides Japan and the United States, this country is one of the leading robot makers.

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