Sophisticated robot “Ibn Sina” traveled with aircraft

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The Emirates Airlines passenger flight route Dubai – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia has recently received a special friend. Special because the friend is not human but a sophisticated robot called Ibn Sina.

Ibn Sina is a robot scientist’s creation in United Arab Emirates and was mentioned as one of the most advanced humanoid robot in the world. He can recognize faces and be able to speak Arabic with people.

Accompanied by one of the creators, Dr. Nikolaos Mavridis who is an assistant professor in the United Arab Emirates University College of Information Technology, the robotic flights as passengers enjoy first-class.

Of course, the presence of the robots made passenger aircraft was both surprised and pleased. Ibn Sina form of human-like make him look like ordinary passengers even have to be led by a wheelchair. Ibn Sina flew to Saudi Arabia to attend an educational exhibition.

As quoted detikINET from DailyMail, Wednesday (10/2/2010), the Emirates are proud to bring claims of Ibn Sina. Even in the future, it is not impossible these robots will more often be a passenger plane.

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