Some Negatives Issue about Robot

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robot disadvantages

Discussing about Robot must be amazing and very interested. Many countries have tried to create their experiment in creating Robot. But, many common people are still confuse about the robot, the content, applications, material and all of the information that useful to get closer to robot. They can move, walk, run; even does something depend on the direction. This is the amazing supporting technology in the world.

Robots in one of the technology term to get closer to the improvement future. Many people think that robot must be the increasing of technology which can prevent someone to do something or act. The bad effect is the decrease of human resource in this world seems like revolution. The negative opinion is that Robot is the main caused the loss of worker or laborer’s job. It seems an analogy by some people. Actually, it is depend on how human use this creation without inflict a financial loss of human.

For example the painter will loss his job if there is a robot who can paint better or another simple case of human’s job which robot can displaced. Basically, robot is not a leader of human. They are created to help people. So, people must realize that.

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