Snakebot, Snake Robot that can climb a tree

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Now comes the snake robot that can be wrapped around trees like a real snake.

Snakebot robot named was made by “Biorobotics Lab” Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), Pittsburgh, United States. Snakebot claimed to be able to wrap herself in the pile, the trees and walked into the pipe vertically.

Snakebot can run snaking was even able to shake its tail in the tree, looking around her through the head that contains a camera. And even more amazing, she was able to sing the U.S. national anthem ‘Star-Spangled Banner’.

The robot turned out to have been used in disaster training, and hopefully will be able to search and rescue operation in the field condition which does not allow people to enter it.

Modular robot is built from segments of sensors and actuators that enable it to alter the length, and easily to be assembled again.

Researchers at CMU noted that in the experiment to climb trees, Snakebot can only climb on a tree trunk with a certain width.

“The Researchers working to design, build and program a robot. But there are still many parts that must be repaired so that the robot was able to climb higher with trees of various sizes, and easier to navigate from sticks and wire,” said the Carnegie Mellon University .

View the Snakebot video:

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