Skitterbot, the Fastest Small Legged Robot

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Skitterbot claimed as a small-legged robot which is the fastest and is available commercially. This robot is controlled and rechargeable via USB port. Well, if you want to play with him, for every 15 minutes usage, Skitterbot require battery recharging time for 30 minutes

Robots are available in three colors and transparent variants have different frequencies, so they can compete to run or fight. Unfortunately, this Skitterbot has no censorship and more preferably at the level of speed like a real cockroach.

Although this looks funny but the robot is very agile with the ability to jump up to 10 meters and ran the speed of 1.9 mph, Skitterbot managed to frighten those around them. Quoted from Cnet, on Thursday (09/01/2010), the robot cockroaches were sold at 19.99 U.S. Dollar

Check the following Skitterbot video:

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