Sea Dog Robot became Therapists for Elderly

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paro terapist robot

Not only humans who can become a therapist. Robots could do that. In fact, this robot has a view that is funny, shaped like seals and fur as white as snow.

“When you call Paro, she would open her eyes and looked around,” said one nursing home residents in Tsukaba Toyoura, Japan, when assessing such a robot named Paro.

Paro was developed by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) and has been listed by Guinness World Records as the robot
world’s best therapists in the year 2002.

AIST, who was then studied 13 patients who most of them suffering from amnesia finds that they generally feel better after playing with Paro and increased hormone detected through their urine.

Meanwhile, in another nursing home, the robot seals were not only helps the eight patients to talk more, but also help in various activities of the elderly. Topics such as gossip and diseases that previously often discussed by the patients and nurses, now changed with a funny chat about Paro.

Paro had to work extra. At first, Paro only turned on for 15 minutes, but now, Paro finally turned on for one hour per day.

The AIST researchers also showed that with the Paro as a therapist, brain wave disturbances in patients with amnesia and the number of patients who often go for a walk now be reduced. Which in turn can also reduce the workload of the nurses.

Quoted from Asahi, Monday (09/06/2010), equipped with artificial intelligence, Paro can respond differently each time greeted. He was able to remember what makes the movement feel good employer. Paro itself began to be created and studied since 1996 and began to be marketed since 2005.

“Paro Robot learning from knowledge and experiences of people who play with her. Paro also gave more meaning in every movement,” said Takanori Shibata is leading the robot project.

Besides Japan, the use of Paro as a therapist is also used by the Danes. The country seems to have taken advantage of Paro since November 2008 and plans to introduce 1,000 units of the same robot to help with recovery of the elderly with the help of a local non-profit organization.

View the video of Paro, the terapist robot:

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