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26 thoughts on “SARCOS half human half robot

  1. hard fact of modern warfare. There are no conventional enemies, such as Germany in WWII. But this is because everyone knows if they were to get in a conventional war with the US they would have their asses handed to them. So ppl use non-conventional warfare (terrorism) against the US cause then we cant bring our big guns to bear. As soon as we stop being the super military badass, there will be conventional enemies.

  2. land troops are always necessary. A military can operate with only infantry, but no military can be effective without them

  3. I think Americans need to concentrate on losing weight first and not flying planes into IRS buildings. Becoming a superhero can wait until the debt is paid off (i. e. never).

  4. i bet US is going to make more versions of the exoskeleton before we sell this one to our allies

    after the final version is done of-course

  5. I saw this in Nuts magazine here in britain. It looks pretty awesome, but im not too sure about it being used as a ‘humanoid robot’. I think thats going a bit to far

  6. hope you faithful and clueless patriots of this fukd up country dont think this is some great invention, cus this shit is going to be used against us in the near future

  7. A new energy source could be used for a seemingly unlimited supply. Kinetic Energy. Every movement grants you more energy and power. Sort of like those flashlights you shake to charge up except on a larger scale, so that way the EMP would have a hard time taking out the power source.

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