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RUBI robot tutor

Some scientists try to create a robot RUBI, a robot created specifically to be a teacher. At the time of testing, this project can teach your children well. Unfortunately, the lack of emotional relationships like “teacher man”.

RUBI is an acronym for Robot Using Bayesian Inference. This robot-making project called ‘The Machine Perception Laboratory’ which is realized by a team from the University of California, San Diego, United States.

Along with Sony’s QRIO robot, RUBI was also created within the framework of long-term research to explore the use of interactive computers in educational environments, in real time and social robotics.

Robot with three feets tall, soft-textured skin and a little fat is very pleasant to be embraced by children. Unfortunately, he can not repay their embrace.

However, RUBI is able to show facial expressions to draw children’s attention. Not only that, in the chest there are small screens that can be used by children to play games when they are saturated.

Apparently the researchers accidentally created a robot teacher educators to evaluate how children react to a robot. In addition, they also want to find out a good teaching method for children.

In addition to creating a robot that is able to simplify household chores, many robots are now beginning to be created to provide science. Quoted from New Soxy, Monday (12/07/2010), In the future, there is a plan to create a robot that is more interactive than existing robots.

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