Romeo, Robot for Household Duties

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In the story of drama, character Romeo must be paired with Juliet. However, this Romeo was not accompanied by Juliet. Although given the name of Romeo, he’s absolutely nothing to do with the story of romance drama, but rather associated with household tasks. Who is he anyway?

Apparently, this Romeo is a robot created by Aldebaran Robotics team from France. Robot with 1.4 meters tall and weighs 40 kilograms is ready for action dealing with various household duties began in March 2011.

Reported by Pop Science on Monday (12/20/2010), Romeo would walk around the house, fetching food from the kitchen and serving food in the dining room, cleaning the house and taking out the trash. Romeo specially created to be a friend and loyal servant to the elderly and people who have physical limitations.

The team from Aldebaran Robotics claims that Romeo will be present with several innovations that are not owned by other humanoid robots. Among them is that this robot has four vertebrae, new technology of legs and arms control system which is more secure, as well as an impressive communications system.

“We want people to naturally interact with Romeo,” said Bruno Maisonnier as the founder and CEO of Aldebaran Robotics.

Romeo began to be developed in early 2009 with a fund worth 10 million euros. Half of these funds is a relief from the government.

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