Robots that will make your portrait

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Robot that can draw your pictureA group of scientists and artists joined the Fraunhofer Institute, responsible for technology related to digital imaging and processing, to create a robot that can draw a portrait, with a pencil, in just 10 minutes.

Not at all easy to teach a robot to draw a portrait of man, because you have to create the look of the robot through a special camera mounted on the arm, with great detail throughout the uniqueness of each person. Besides translating the image into the paper, it’s also not easy.

The scientists had to create an image processing program that seeks to contrast in the photographic image and translates them into coordinates that the system can understand. But it also had to teach the robot to understand that not all lines on the face of human are equal.

An example of this is the algorithm had to create for the robot to ignore the small wrinkles that the majorities of people have.

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