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please suggest some good websites related to robotics that can teach me the fundamentals of robotics and also help me in making a robot…
….i am a beginner and would love to learn robotics.Any other advice like tutorials,books etc. would be appreciated.thanks in advance..!!!

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  1. Here is another link (robot competitions), if you attend these competitions you are sure to meets some interesting and interested people.

  2. If you are new to electronics I would suggest starting simple and try your hand at a B.E.A.M. ( biology, electronics, aesthetics, and mechanics ) robotics project. I found the solarbotics website among many when I did a web search for beam robotics. After learning some of the basics you can advance to a more complicated robot such as a sumo bot or a line follower. While you can use comparator based logic for simple bots, eventually you will want a microcontroller for your robots brain. Start with one that has a graphical programming environment. Once you have learned the basic concepts of programming you can then learn a more powerful programming language such as Basic or C++. Combine this skill with whatever you can learn about sensors, motor and servo control and mechanics. From there you can go wherever your your interests take you. Here is a list of robotics websites I found looking at the advertisements in last months Servo magazine and a few I found on the Servo website. While not all of these companies cater to beginners you should find their complex and expensive robots a source of inspiration if nothing else.
    This list should keep you busy for a while! The Servo magazine and the Seattle Robotics Society websites are highly recommended. Be sure you look at the SRS FAQ page. Have fun.

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