Robotics for Kids

Posted on, this site provide good robotics learning and practice for your children. Look at the gallery preview, the children are happy with their practice.. πŸ˜€
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Our Vision A world where people understand technology, work productively together, and use technology creatively and responsibly to improve the quality of all life. Our Purpose We provide opportunities for kids to:

  • Learn technology and engineering skills,
  • Gain experience working effectively in project teams,
  • Express their creativity and have fun,
  • Be inspired to explore future technology careers.

We provide teachers, mentors and parents with training and materials that enable them to be effective leaders, coaches and mentors of robotics and technology programs that teach and inspire others.

Our Work We develop and deliver hands-on technology education workshops and programs for adults and children. Our education programs are project and team-based, providing training and experience in teamwork and project management skills as well as training in mechanical engineering and design, software design and development, problem solving and debugging, and presentation skills.Participants attending our programs work in teams of two or more. An instructor introduces the teams to equipment, materials and concepts though interactive demonstrations, hands-on tutorials, team activities, and challenges. The teams complete activities and problem-solving challenges using provided LEGOTM MINDSTORMSTM robot construction kits, computers and software.

Children participating in our Kids Workshops are guided through a hands-on experience where they design, build and program robots using the LEGO construction system. Working in teams, they learn valuable leadership and project management skills. They are left with a feeling of accomplishment for what their team has created with their new knowledge and skills. They also gain and an understanding of, and interest in, possible future careers in engineering, programming and other technical fields.

Participants of our Mentor Workshops gain hands-on experience and familiarity with the LEGO construction system, robot-programming software and challenges. They receive materials, resources and strategies for organizing their own robotics activities, classes, or regional programs.

Our programs can be delivered in a variety of formats, including daytime or evening classes, full day or multi-day workshops, or weeklong summer day-camp programs. Our programs can be held at private or public schools, clubs, homes, community facilities, or education centers. Our plan is to eventually establish one or more dedicated facilities and resource centers for permanently housing and delivering our services and products to communities throughout California and beyond.

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