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Robotics in India seems growing fast. Now, they use the robots to educate the students to make learning more fun just what the students want.

What the student say about robotics education..? Let  see news from


New Delhi: It seems the age of the ‘robot’ has dawned on India , as schools in India have turned to robotics to make learning more fun , much like in Japan.

Kids use Lego kits, which cost Rs 22,000 per kit to conduct scientific experiments in schools.

Students explain how the experiment works — it’s a touch sensor robot, when the touch sensor hits something, it reverses and turns the other way.

Schools now use robots to teach, and from burglar alarms to all-terrain vehicles, the students design all kinds of things – as part of their SUPW syllabus.

Programming each robot takes hours on end, as making all the wires behave isn’t easy, but no one’s complaining.

Student Mukund Sharma says, “Robots help build electrical and mechanical engineering skills. Instead of taking me away from studies, it freshens me up and makes me study more.”

Teacher at Vasant Valley School, Bindu Balakrishnan explains, “Laws of science can be learned using this. Levers, torque, gears, force — all can be learned, that is the reason it’s being adopted by schools.”

It’s not just the thirst for learning; it’s also the robotics competitions that make studying with robots so much fun for the students. Hard labour goes into the preparations for a robotics competition; students spend three to four weeks building a robot.

There is the Indian Robotics Olympiad in October, also IIT Delhi and DPS RK Puram host annual robotics fests — where kids pit wits against each other. Unfortunately, in every competition there is only one winner.

Abroad, the same Lego kits are used to make robots with human expressions. In Amsterdam, there are robots that raise their eyebrows to ones that cringe in fear, and one responds to questions while another one plays wind chimes.

However, a robot that does one’s homework hasn’t been invented yet!

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