Robotics Education: The Future of Human Race

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Robotic Education, nowadays, is really important since many factories and industrial company which employ robots. Besides it is safe, the reason why they occupy robotics employment is because technological robot may ease human task especially in heavy industries such as vehicle manufactures or by-products processing factories. Due to the demanding reasons, recently has been developed rapidly some high schools and colleges focusing on education about robotics. In addition, public interest on learning robotics issue is rising from time to time for they can attain so many work fields and obtain opportunities to get involved into the international science community. What a prestigious accomplishment. To reach the accomplishment, the students need to pursue three levels of education about robotics. They are Associate Degree Program, Bachelor Degree Program and Master Degree Program.

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Robotics Education Degree and Curriculum

There are, as stated above, three levels of robotic degrees, Associate Degree Program, Bachelor Degree Program and Master Degree Program. Among those three levels, Associate Degree Program is the beginning level requiring high school transcript and enrolment test. The offered subjects in this program include A Lab Course, Motion Control, and Electro mechanics, Introduction to Engineering, Electrical Theory, Mechatronic System Modeling, and Computer Aided Design. The beginner level of robotics education is promising worth work fields such as Automation Technician and Robotics Technician.

The intermediate level of robotics education degree is Robotics Bachelor Degree Program. The students are required to fulfill high school diploma and take a test to complete the necessity point. The subjects which are provided consist of Industrial Robotics, Kinematics, History of Robotics, Inertial Sensors, Multi-module Robotics System, and Physics. The suitable employment opportunities of Bachelor Degree Program will be Robotics Engineer and Robotics Process Manager. Robotics Master Degree Program is the advanced level of those three levels. Completed and undergraduate degree program in robotics or a related field must be accomplished as the requirement. The advanced subjects that are afforded comprise Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Linear System Design, Computation Theory, Advanced Algorithms, and Machine Perception. The student that has been graduated from Robotics Master Degree Program is worth for Specialty Engineer title. He or she must complete an engineering licensing exam for working in the education world especially Robotics concentration.

In robotics education world, especially high school, the curriculum has been designed to ease the educators in teaching the students. Essentially, robotics curriculum as an organizer of content, offers educators a unit of study that utterly reveals the application of math, science and technology as well as introduces students to technological literacy since they expand the following work related competencies: project and time management, resource allocation, information accessing, system understanding, team work, and problem solving. Robotics allows teachers to introduce academic in contexts that make sense to children. Students start to comprehend digital work that they grow up in.

Robotics Education: Engineering and Training

There are many branches of science in robotics education, for instance robotics engineering. What is the definition of robotics engineering then? The field of robotics engineering is a sub field of mechanical engineering. Robotics engineers create robots and build up new application for them for use in a wide range of industries. With new opportunities for robotics because of advances in the computer sciences, robotics engineering is expanding rapidly. From production line robots to experimental robotics for the medical, military, and automotive industries, the future of robotics engineering will certainly provide range opportunities for professionals’ enrolling the field.
The scientific knowledge about robotics is not only worthy for teens and adult people but today many children are also interested in it. Robotics training for children is based on education’s training for robotics. In this program, children will learn about robot’s abilities such as drive forward, detect touch, detect distance, detect dark line, hit red ball, follow a line, and calibrate sensor.

Robotics Education: Society of Robots

Learning about robot should be in the right institution. Robotics College recommended for students is CMU (Carnagie Mellon University), a university located at 5000 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburg, PA 15213. The CMU Robotics club is the oldest university robotics club in the world. You can visit the website for more information. So, do not drag your opportunity to acquire the development of robotics education.

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