Robotics Competition: The Rivalry of Genius

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Robotics competition is held to challenge the students from all over the world for creating such technological and scientific inventions. The students are guided by professional mentors and teachers to build sophisticated robots to compete with other competitors from other countries. Due to the participants of the competition are getting bigger and the aims of the robotics competition develop to be advanced, it extends into various competitions.

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Robotics Competition for High School

High school robotics competition is originally organized by FISRT (For Inspirations and Recognition of Science and Technology). The tournament is held to compete among the international high school students from all over the world such as Australia, Canada, Turkey, Netherlands, Israel, United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, and Mexico. FIRST was invented by a businessman Dean Kamen and a physicist Woodie Flower which aimed to challenge the participants of the competition to responsible for significant technological advances. In 1992 the first FRC (FISRT Robotics Competition) was held with only one event in a small-scale competition at a high school gymnasium in New Hemisphere. In 1992 to 2004, the games were participated by a couple teams for each coalition, a group of team that is associated for one match. Today, the games are played with three teams for each group.

The high school robotics competition rules do not change every year but the game for the most part. The competition is participated by three teams in one group. It involves mentors team such as professional employee, teachers, or college students and 25 high school students collaborating to design and assemble a robot in six weeks. The robotics competition is structured of qualification matches followed by elimination matches. The following are some categories of the match structures; district events, regional events, and championship. And the games played in the latest FCR in 2012 are rebound rumble.

Robotics Competition: VEX Robotics Competition

VEX robotics competition is a robotics competition exploiting the VEX robotics platform centered on VEX Protobot kit. The kit consists of two bumper sensors and two limited switches, four electric motors and a servo, wheels (four small, four medium, and four large tires), gears, and structural parts. The VEX robotics, Inc. employs the non-profit Robotics Education and Competition Foundation to organize and arrange the worldwide VEX robotics competition. The competitors are challenged to assemble and program a robot to finish a task which is revealed every year. The team plays on a square field with 12’x12’ on size. Two groups consists of one ‘red’ and one ‘blue’, each of them composed of two teams. The teams compete on twenty second period match with two minutes additional driver-controlled play. The object of the game is reaching higher point than your opponent by collecting points according to the game elements (Elevation, Clean Sweep, and Round Up) with a bonus point in the end of Autonomous Period. In the Gateway position, however, there is no autonomous bonus.

The VEX robotics competition in 2011-2012 season is playing Gateway game. The students who are guided by their teachers and mentors are demanded to assemble a modern robot and collaborate to gain the highest point in the robotics competition. In this opportunity, students not only can build an innovative robot by themselves but also will learn many academics and life skills.

Robotics Competitions in San Diego

FIRST Robotics Competition is a competition collaborating between professional adult teams and young students to design such innovative and modern robot in the competitive way. Annually, the tournament achieves more than 43000 students forming 1500 teams convened in across the United States and all over the world. The annual sixth regional robotics competition was conducted in San Diego at the Valley View Casino Center for 3 days (March 2nd – 4th 2012).

There are many scholarships are provided by some colleges, universities, corporations, businesses, and individuals for the participants. The competition proves the students that technological fields bring about many prospects for them and that the basic concept of science, math, engineering, and invention are thrilling and attractive. The winner teams of the Robotics Competition San Diego are from USA (Bellarmine College Preparatory, Cimarron-Memorial High School, and Chulla Vista California). The teams showed their best skills and academics to design innovative robot in the robotics competition.

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