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Robotics and automation began to develop in 80s pioneered by IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). The event was well-known as 802, in which 80 represents the year of the event happened and number 2 showed the month of the event happened. People consider that the abbreviation is not worthy to say but people call it as IEEE. In 1980 on the 2nd month, IEEE created branch program which restrained the standardization of LAN (Local Area Network) and MAN (Metropolitan Area Network). The unit of work got expanded after the history of 802 happened.

robotics and automation

Today, there are many experts who become the pioneers of the development and acceleration new technologies in the various units of work in the technology world and the manipulation dealing with telecommunication, computer network, electricity, electronics and outer space. Robotics technology certainly becomes one of the units of work focused by IEEE.

Robotics and automation: science from magazine and Journal

In efforts to develop the robotics technology and introduce to society, IEEE creates a simple space through magazine. Robotics and automation magazine (RAM) is publication space that is easy to read and substantive. The content is about the combination of science theoretically and robotics science connected to business. The sponsoring vendors are IEEE Transactions on Robotics and IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering which combine between theories and experience to develop science of robotics and automation. Due to the advantages, IEEE becomes robotics and automation professional society.

The magazine has been proved appropriately which is marked as the best publication space in the robotics field in Thompson’s Journal of Citation Reports in 2009. The award proved that the quality of Robotics and Automation Magazine (RAM) is really good. The excellence of RAM appears in special issues on important and emerging topics in which all articles are fully reviewed but managed by guest editors who are competent in robotics and automation. Tutorial articles were written by leading experts in their field. The excellence of RAM becomes the benchmark of robotics development today.

Beside IEEE, the information about robotics and automation is provided by ACTA Press as well through International Journal of Robotics and Automation. The journal contains of some qualified paper such as “Trajectory Tracking of Wheeled Mobile Robots Using a Kinematical Fuzzy Controller” and “Analytical Modeling of Deformable Objects for Haptic Virtual Environment” which are able to be references. The journal is written by some famous names in the robotics world like Kevin C. Walker, David W.L, Wang Hossein Bolandi, F.Ehyaei, Mohammad Hadi Amoozgar, Seyed Hossein Sadati and Khalil Alipour.

Robotics and automation: is it promising?

Is it promising in the career field or in the development of human life? The answer is absolutely yes. Robotics and automation career is also called industrial automation in which people are based on the individual ability to apply latest computer technology to help design and build parts for all kinds of everyday product. It means that the growing industry follows the development of robotics and automation world.

Robotics and automation: Technology of Humanoid

One of the fields of industrial automation which is developing is robotics and automation humanoid. The technology of robotics and automation in the humanoid robot enables the robot to act as human-like. Of course the absolute control is handled by human. The advantages of technology of humanoid are self-maintenance (recharge itself), autonomous learning (learn or gain new capabilities without outside assistance, adjust strategies based on the surrounding and adapt to new situations), avoiding harmful situation to people, property and itself safe interacting with human beings and the environment.

The aim of developing humanoid technology is for the sake of human life. The development of humanoid technology enables the robot to replace human’s tasks which are dangerous to do by human. Safety is the main reason to create the technological robot within robotics and automation.

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