Robotic strawberry harvester

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Robotic strawberry harvester
First robotics experts that can harvest ripe strawberries in the fields, will begin work in the United States, has a cost of 100,000 euros, which is marketed by the designers of Huelva, it has developed and completed all the tests necessary to ensure 100% effective for anyone interested to get it.

Information has begun to circulate through various media that also told that because the company is more than satisfied with the level of automation that has been achieved, given that these devices are completely new to the market because there is nothing to fulfill a similar task with this brilliant idea.

Before crossing the Atlantic, this harvesting robots have been organized series of exhibitions at Andalusia farm where it has been completed to improve the functioning of the machine, we must also note that for this development the company has been supported regionalgovernment’s economic as well as the logistical momentum to finish it.

While some would question whether this device will reduce the work in the fields, there are many others who believe that what will generate the transformation of how work is done now, because the process must be more qualified, trained in this field that is currently used for this work .

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