Robotic Helicopter to Help Buildings Construction

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Watch this mini robotic helicopter video:

Daniel Mellinger and his team at the GRASP Laboratory in the University of Pennsylvania, United States (U.S.), developed a program that permits the robot can fly and assemble a building.

Reported by New Scientist on Thursday (01/20/2011), we only require to specify the style of buildings to be produced. The algorithm will determine exactly where the parts of the building was put up to form a constructing.

Additionally, like the demonstrations that had been recorded in a video, several little robotic helicopter which in turn follow the algorithm instructions, and coordinate with each other in selecting building components that became their task.

“We are also developing grippers on this robot for simpler in taking part of the building and put it down. In the pilot, equipped with a magnetic building parts to ensure that the robot isn’t too difficult when pressed every part of the building,”said Mellinger.

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