RoboThespian, Robot Guide that Has Sense of Humor

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RoboThespian robot actor and guide

RoboThespian, at first is a humanoid robot created by a small company in Cornwall, England that was eventually bought by the U.S. space agency (NASA). Robots that can talk to 15 languages was also have the sense of humor.

Quoted from the Daily Mail, Thursday (16/09/2010), RoboThespian purposely acquired to become the guiding robots at the Kennedy Space Centre at Cape Canaveral, U.S.. NASA had to spend big money to buy this robot, in the amount of U.S. dollars 91 560.

RoboThespian that some parts of its body comprised of compressed air and aluminimum, made by Engineered Arts Cornish Firm, which has only seven employees.

This robot was first created in 2006 to become part of the project “Mechanical Theatre” in Eden, UK. The next year, RoboThespian make an official event at the Association of Science-Technology Centers Conference in Los Angeles, USA by displaying a series of videos and interact with the audience.

“We are very proud,” said one manufacturer RoboThespian, Will Jackson. “We managed to defeat some robots made by the best companies from the U.S. and Japan,”

This robot comes in three variations, the Lite, Standard and Deluxe and will also be hired for special occasions.

Watch RoboThespian video:

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