Robot in USA to Help the Astronaut

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Astronaut and robot partner

Much improvement in technology, including Robots science, has been proof every time. USA is one of the most productive states which are always creating the new things. Many students in USA were inspired from the robots which help the astronaut in space. This robot is really amazing and helpful because they help in space, not only in the earth with human being.

This robot of course has the excellent and the weakness, because they are created appropriate with their function. The element or materials that are used are also depending on the function. This robot is created to help people to lift the heavy things. This robot can lift about 10 kilograms. However human can not do this everyday. Moreover, this robot can run about 4, 5 Milles per hours of speed. This is the incredible creation.

Because of the many works that it can do, this robot has facilitated by many censors in the body especially in the hand and fingers. it purpose to be more sensitive in contacting with the Astronaut. This is the amazing founding. Robot is useful to help you work. But, of course in creating this, you should comprehend seriously in making robot. Now, it will help not just the Astronaut but everyone who want it.

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