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Robot now, has mastered the development of the products. The robots consist of many types that will help human to do anything in fulfilling their needs. Many people especially adult try the challenge in making this kind of product. People are happy to fill and to know this kind of robot; they like to try the developing process.

There are many applicants related to this kind of robot such as caterpillar plan in order to develop the machine related to the remote control and develop the heavy robot. The remote control is needed to process the robot. There are many kinds of robots that develop well by some cranes. Robot can do a lot of human’s duty, even if it simple or complex. In industry, the robot can be amounted for many labors. Many factories use the robot’s power to help them control the product. The robots also used in public places such as hospital, market, mall, and any other places as receptionist, guides, server, and so on.

The development of robot also increases well. It increase becomes the system that can do any sensitive duty such as keeping or cooking.  By this development, many people use robot to accompany them in their effort and institutions or factories.

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