Robot to help the rescue of 29 miners

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The tragedy of the coal mining accident Pike River, in New Zealand, making 29 people trapped in the depths of the earth. Every effort was made to rescue them, including high-tech assistance, by using the robot.

Rescuers are preparing a robot from the Ministry of Defence, modified for safe enough to examine the circumstances at the location where the miners are trapped. Under the plan, the robot will be empowered when the level of harmful gases like carbon dioxide already showing signs of decline.

“We communicate with the Department of Defense and will use the robot to go into the tunnel when there is a chance,” said Gary Knowles of the local police.

New Zealand Army has confirmed they have been providing a specialist robot, complete with controller teams to help the police work. The robot is claimed quite sophisticated and capable of entering a dangerous location.

The robot will be tasked to find out the conditions and circumstances at the mine site that had collapsed. Quoted from the New Zealand Herald on Monday November 21, 2010, the robot operates with four cameras.

Nevertheless, the rescue team will not be presumptuous to rely on this robot before the gas levels in stable condition. Because there is a risk the robot will actually trigger the flame and make the situation more dangerous.

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