Robot Technique Design

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robot technique design

Since robot becomes the most favorite one in technology development. It is used to support the process of the technology development. many people can produce the robot but not all people know well the way in producing the robot. The robot must be made with good prediction of navigation and the process of counting must be careful and done in the right way.

There are some techniques that support the easier way in designing robot. There are determining the form of the robot and the kind of it. Do not forget to determine the form or the types of it. as the makes we have to follow the rule.  We also have to consider the basic. The working must be based on static object or move (this basic goes to the object or to avoid the object. It must be based on vision, proximity and so on.  the design must be made based on the order which includes on trajecton references. For the robot that use hands must be use manipulator to control the hands move.

The designing must follow the trajektori, it also must follow the object which has the base on vision, proximity, and so on. You have to take, hold, lift, move, control, and produce the object.

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