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This robotic device that is doing research in ocean between the Canary Islands and Iceland. An Automatic submarine named “Silbo”, successfully completed the first phase of the mission of the international sea “Challenger One”, after sailing a distance of 2870 nautical miles.

The research project includes the area between Iceland to Gran Canaria, and collect unpublished oceanographic profiles of high value (over 1,500), about the state of the sea, providing many opportunities, both research and business, as shown by the research team.

“Silbo” depart from Iceland on June 23 and arrived 20 km north of Gran Canaria, where sea rescue patrol team, rescued from the water. During 240 days of the study, this small robot 1.92 meters and 52 kilos, has been through extreme situations, such as storms every three days, and monitored the effects of two tropical cyclones (Katie and Irene) on the sea along with their effect on the vertical flow heat. This information is essential and very important because the ship today, can not stay in areas where tropical storms were recorded for collecting data, because it involves a great risk to humans.

“Silbo” had to face extreme obstacles in its journey from seamounts that were not in records and hindered navigation to a gale in which he was involved in September 2011, with waves of 9 meters, which endangered the entire mission.

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