Robot Stepan Helps Sick Boy to Attend School Lessons from Home

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A really special student who attended a school in Moscow, Russia. Student that are plastic-skinned robot named Stepan who diligently participate the lessons.

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In different place, the true Stepan, a 12-year-old boy has brown hair and blue eyes, was sitting in front of his computer in his own home. Well, through the plastic robots, Stepan actually participate the lessons in school

Quoted by Bangkok Post on Monday (1/24/2011), Stepan Supin, thus the full name of the boy, being affected by leukemia ever since two years ago. The child’s immune system was too weak and extremely risky if he goes to school.

That is why, Stepan using plastic robot controlled from home by using a PC to participate virtually interact with teachers and friends in the class.

Equipped with a camera, microphone as well as speaker systems, the robot Stepan broadcast every thing that occurs in the classroom in real time towards the original Stepan personal computer at his place.

“The monitor is installed on the front of the robot permits Stepan to involved in attractions in class. He can ask the teacher as well as answer questions”, said one of Stepan’s teacher, Alla Gevak.

“We also call the robot by the name of Stepan. When the class started, he was performing all the tasks assigned for him, just like the other students. He was also very active”, said Alla

Stepan himself feels that he is really existing within the classroom, even though he did complete control on the movement of the robot from home. “I can change the speed of robot, moving the head left or right. I felt was in between my friends and my teacher”, stated Stepan

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