When the robot meets art!

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If the marriage between the two disciplines, art and robotics, the eyes don’t jump right away, it is not impossible to imagine.

This is what proves the new work by Patrick Tresset. Patrick Tresset presents the result of his work, in collaboration with Professor Frederic Leymarie Foll, a researcher at the Department of Robotics at the University Goldsmiths: Paul and Pete. Paul, a small robot portraitist, uses a mechanical eye and facial recognition was to get the people he sees!

About Pete, he is a robot that draws out of boredom: without interruption, it pencils in his paper and clears! Influenced by the external environment that mark with a camera and mood swings or depression who do make it do anything!

If it is certain that robots will never replace the man in the field of art, sometimes you almost forget that these mechanical arms do not have a soul …
Sources: http://www.tenderpixel. com and http://thecreatorsproject.com

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