Robot Knitting Machine Made from Used Printer

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robot knitting machine

Do not throw away your used printer. Though is not feasible to use for printing papers, but the printer that is outdated can be used for anything else, for example, to knit a warm cloth. Once designed in such a way, the printer can turn into robots smart knitter. So how?

In a video shown on the site Ubergizmo, seen that the old printer that was given some extra components – one of which micro controller technology Picaxe-18x – with expertly knitting wool yarn into a sweater.

As quoted from the site on Wednesday (15/12/2010) This unique machine is noisy when doing his job. However, after the work of knitting is completed, anyone will be amazed he made. Because the results are not less good knitting with knitting humans.

Well, if this knitter robot in your home, perhaps it would be fun to ask him make some warm clothes for the end of the year gift for the relatives.

Watch the Robot Knitting Machine video:

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