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Nowadays, technology has been developing and increasing by the time. There are many the products of technology created by human in order to supporting human life. Many company or personal has attempted to discover and develop the new things. It seems the competition will not be ended because the needs of human’s equipment will always change. One of the most outstanding technologies is Robots.

Actually, robotic is the science of what we called Robot including the design, manufacture and also applications. Robot has many things that it can do especially to make human labor and of course help. They are created by human in order to supporting human life. There are many types of robot and it has been created in many countries. Many people are interested with creating robot. They even modify the robot to create the best one.

As the human creation, robot must have the excellent and the weakness. They are created with different purpose. Robot can not do all the things. It must have the priority. So that, never judge all of the robot are smart and mastering all activities. In fact, robot can do the several activities and people can treat them as the things that really helpful.

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