Robot for Elderly Entertaining and Keeping Your House

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Siasun robot

Robot created not only to alleviate human tasks. Robot function from day to day increasingly diverse, from housekeeper to accompany and comfort the lonely master.

Technology companies from China, Shenyang Siasun Robot & Automation designed a house-sitting robot that can talk, send SMS, and report to authorities if there is a dangerous thing in the house.

In the body there are sensors that detect gas leakage. If something is happening and no one was home, the robot will be contacting the owner of the house via SMS or email.

As quoted from Xinhua on Monday (05/03/2010), Siasun, thus the name of the robot can operate for eight hours of rechargeable battery for two hours. Electrical power consumption of any efficient, smaller than the electricity consumption of home computers.

Robot that looks like an alien, has 80 cm tall and weighs 25 kg. Body shape is not too high, makes it easier to move freely in the home using the wheel. With the help of sensors, Siasun too wily to avoid obstacles or furniture that meets when walking.

This robot is also fond of the elderly. He can be relied upon to treat and cheer them up. The old folks will not feel lonely because Siasun clever can interact and chat invites elderly.

A big screen and the camera on Siasun body function to check the health of the elderly on a regular basis. Another addition, Siasun would invite the elderly or patients who are sick, play interactive games to train their physical and mental fitness.

For now, Siasun still produced in limited numbers. But in five years, the family robot can be purchased for 10 000 Siasun Yuan China. The developer Siasun mention, this time they are also developing a rescue robot that can be employed when a disaster occurs.

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