Robot that expresses disgust or sadness(VIDEO)

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This is a new development by researchers at the University of Pisa, Italy, who designed for the realistic robot facial expressions program. Prototype, inspired by the scientist’s wife, who is able to express fear, happiness or sadness.
FACE : robot facial expressionIt is called FACE, and has 32 machines under the skin to manage their expressions. Humanoid was created in order to find new ways to express feelings in a “face” of the future robot.

Currently, FACE, can only play six basic expressions: anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness and surprise. “The focus on this, we tried to enhance the credibility FACE see development in the field that has been widely explored by Japanese robotics community, under the label` Valley of extraordinary “, say researchers at the site.

This assumption ensures that when a robot-like humans, but can not replicate it enough, evoke in us a response of rejection, and this further enhances disappeared mimicry.

Behind the movement, even the base (as evidenced in the various movements and gestures), is a complex mathematical algorithm that tries to smooth the transition.

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2 thoughts on “Robot that expresses disgust or sadness(VIDEO)

  1. Emotive robots are becoming more and more important. As robots continue to become integrated into daily human life, the ability to respond ’emotionally’ speeds the integration. Studies have been done showing that robots which mimic emotional responses are more pleasant to interact with.

    Also, the phrase ‘valley of extraordinary’ seems to be a mistranslation of ‘uncanny valley’, which refers to the repellent nature of almost-human imagery.

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