Robot to Erase the Board

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robot to erase the board

Several years into the future, views of the robot do various tasks seems to be common. The robot will perform a variety of jobs, even for this kind of simple tasks such as cleaning the inscription on the board.

For this one task, leave it to the board eraser robot created by Fujitsu. Shown in a videotape, a robot that made by one of Japanese electronics manufacturer is looking workmanlike cleaning the board.

However, as reported by Ubergizmo, the lack of this robot that is its body is not too high. Of course, this will make it difficult when the robots have to clean the board hanging or lying higher than its body.

Fujitsu team who developed this robot, says that this is only the beginning. They will continue to develop this robot to be able to overcome all its weaknesses, and the robot can carry out their duties properly.

Robot whiteboard eraser is also reportedly going to be developed to control a particular vehicle, picking up scattered trash, even clean the windows.

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