New robot created in Medellin

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It’s called “Centella” a humanoid robot and is designed by Fabio Hernan Gomez, who worked nearly 20 years in it.Centella humanoid robots

This inventor has long been designing a robot that can answer questions, move on their own and interact with people. It is called “Centella” and is filled with a dummy circuit cameras, motors and processors that give it life. This device is far from “perfect humanoid” but Hernan Gomez said he hopes to reach that.

Centella talks about different topics, including global warming and human relations. The designer says he is a soldier of the year 2075 designed to do the work that humans can not perform.

The Gomez goal is that the humanoid can give lectures in educational institutions and even prisons. Another of his inventions is a modified Dodge with 32 of its 48 inventions, nicknamed “Termineitor” (“Termi” affectionately known). This car shows amazing skills: drives itself, flame throwers for his escapes, imitates animals and answered questions similar to “Centella”.

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