Robot Builder’s Guide

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This book contains the complete step and reference of robot building. Get this book, you will find so many new robotics knowledge in this book.

Robot Builder’s Guide

These course notes contain a lot of information that should be valuable in your robot building endeavor. Here’s a brief synopsis of the organization of these course notes:

  • Chapter 1 is the assembly manual for nearly all of the components used to construct a 6.270 robot|including the printed circuit boards, electronic sensors, motors, and battery packs.
  • Chapter 2 introduces robot motor technology.
  • Chapter 3 discusses battery technology and battery charger operation.
  • Chapter 4 discusses secret construction methods using the LEGO Technics (R) building materials.
  • Chapter 5 delves into robotic sensors, explaining the principles of operation and applications of various sensors in the 6.270 kit.
  • Chapter 6 investigates how to program a mobile robot to face up to the uncertainties and challenges of practical operation.
  • Chapter 7 is a reference manual for the C language software that has been developed for the 6.270 contest.

Four appendix sections provide additional material:

  • Appendix A is the student’s introduction to the 1992 class, covering administrative information, the month’s schedule, and the contest rules.
  • Appendix B explains the workings of the 6.270 hardware, including the microprocessor board, the expansion board, and the infrared circuitry. This section is written with the assumption of some prior background in electronics.
  • Appendix C provides reproductions of the printed circuit board layouts, handy for reference when debugging.
  • Appendix D contains an introduction to ordering electronic parts from both the retail and surplus markets, and a listing of more than twenty top suppliers.

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