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Blake Lively is a humanoid robot that form a beautiful woman and has brown hair is already created since a few months ago. But only this time, this humanoid robot demonstrate his ability to perform in a play in a staging drama in Japan, along with real actors and actresses.

Quoted by the BBC, due to not been able to move gracefully while the show plays, Blake was acting with other actors and actresses while sitting in a chair. While all movements of his body, controlled by a technician who is behind the screen.

But some opponents to play Blake complained feel uncomfortable if you have to constantly perform in a play with robots. Bryerly Long, one of the actresses who act with Blake said that she often felt alone when she is on stage.

Actress Bryerly Long, working alongside the android in a Japanese play titled Sayonara, said she feels it lacks “human presence”, making her feel “alone” on stage.

“The downside is, the lack of a sense of ‘human presence’. Of course, do not be surprised if this happens, because the fact she is a robot,” she said.

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