Robot Able to Detect Human Flesh

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The existence of robots that harm humans incident led researchers to seek new breakthroughs. They also created a special system that makes the machines will stop operating when it detects human flesh.

This robot was designed by Alin Albu-Schaffer and Gerd Hirzinger. From the results, they created a robot that can detect the presence of humans so as not to attack and injure him.

These robots are given arm weighing 30 kg and more than three meters long and equipped with various sharp weapons including knives to cut meat, kitchen knives, scissors and a screwdriver.

Robotic arm was given a program to use weapons, stabbing, cutting meat, and human arm. A human volunteers willing to try the robot. Fortunately, the robot was able to distinguish a human arm with the other objects.

These scientists wanted to try to reduce the danger by using a security system that can detect when the robot has to deal with the ‘opponent’. They use a torque sensor, to propel and stop the movement of the robot.

First, in the year 1981 robot ‘killer’ began to appear. Kenji Urada a Japanese worker who was doing his job does not accidentally get into the hydraulic machine in which there is a robot. The robot was unable to detect the man’s age was 37 years, making it the first victim of the robot has ever recorded.

Since then, many people were affected, even there us an accident in which a robot pouring molten aluminum to the human. According to the Health and Safety Executive, years ago there were 77 robot-related accidents in the UK.

The Germany Aerospace Center (DLR) hopes the robot will be more sensitive to human presence. Thus making a robot could actually support human life.

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