Robonaut 2 : The NASA Astronaut Robot

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NASA space center diligently to create a humanoid robot astronaut. This sophisticated robot may one day, would replace human tasks when running dangerous missions in space.

Working closely with the General Motors car company, a robot called Robonaut 2 is designed to work side by side with humans. In addition to helping the human astronauts in outer space, Robonaut 2 also would be helped to make cars in the factory.

NASA previously had made the first generation of Robonaut. Robonaut 2 course will be more sophisticated than its predecessor, is designed to work faster, more skilled and stronger construction.

“This sophisticated robotic technology promising something big, not only for NASA but also for the nation,” said Doug Cooke of NASA as detikINET quotes from Computerworld, Friday (5/2/2010).

The United States Government has approved a budget of U.S. $ 3 billion for NASA to develop a variety of robots, especially robots for pioneering space mission. For example a robot that can land on the moon to gather information before humans arrived.

Currently, various types of robots have hired NASA. Robot vehicle called the Phoenix Lander for example, was sent to Mars to conduct research.

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