Robo-One 2010 Final Match

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THis is the final match video of the 17th ROBO-ONE tournament in Kawasaki on March 21st, 2010. Final match between Super Dygar vs Neutrino. The champion was Super Dygar and the 2nd place was Neutrino.

Dozens of robots came from Japan, China and South Korea to a duel. Quoted from BigPoundNews, Monday (22/3/2010), there are as many as 46 teams are fighting over money worth U $ S 12,000 from a unique race called Robo-One is.

Dozens of teams are challenged to show ingenuity 2 foot robot that they made. The way is to fight one another. Robots allowed to perform various movements to bring down the opponent, such as using a punch, kick, to slam his opponent. In essence, the robot has to drop his opponent 3 times.

Finally, the competition that was held on March 21 has got a winner. Robot named Super Dygar is the winner. He is part of the community Fukuoka robot that has a good track record in the arena of humanoid robots.

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