RIC Android, The first robot controlled using Android OS

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PIC android robot

RC Android is the first robot is shaped like the logo of the Android operating system and is controlled by the operating system Android. Android robot was exhibited at the recent Google Developer Day 2010 in Tokyo, Japan.

This robot was developed by RT Corp (Japan) and Brilliant Service (Japan) as a software developer, and can do several things such as walking, swaying, waving, moving his head and also spoke.

Quoted from Tech On Thursday (30/09/2010), this robot was built based on the RIC (Robotic Inside Character) system which is owned by RT Corp.

Equipped with speakers, RIC Android could make a sound or play music. This robot can not move alone but must be given commands via a wireless LAN network.

Both companies plan to develop a system that can extend functionality by giving the robot motion control in April 2011.

The RIC Android Robot in the future can be rented starting at U.S. $ 6,266 per day.

Watch the video of RIC Android:

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